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A little-known fact to many people outside Peru is that many times, even the trees being cut down legally to clear the land for private farming and ranching are subsequently either left on the ground to rot or are burned. That's where FORGOTTEN WOODS LLC comes in. We and our on-site partner, Maderas Olvidadas S.A.C. (MADOLVI), make arrangements with landowners to buy and remove this unwanted, reclaimable wood.

Our business also helps the country's economy by creating a paying "environmentally green" option for local people while working directly with whole communities to create and develop an efficient and affordable reforestation program, something that is desperately needed in the heart of Peru's southeast Amazon basin region.”

FORGOTTEN WOODS LLC  is the USA West Coast premier supplier of Peruvian hardwoods, focusing on specialty wood markets. Our California-based company, founded in 2007, is passionate about preserving Peru's greatest natural resource, upon which its very existence depends. Forgotten Woods takes every opportunity to increase awareness of the Amazon’s plight.

Forgotten Woods and MADOLVI are both deeply committed to ecologically sound business practices. The partnership is designated as a “green” operation.  Our Peru partner, MADOLVI, shows tremendous responsibility in helping to establish and maintain “harmony in nature" in the "Biodiversity Capital of the World".

Forgotten Woods source for reclaimed woods is land that has been legally designated by the Peruvian government to be cleared for mining or agriculture. The majority of the woods purchased by Forgotten Woods come from a community deep in the Amazon basin not far from the boarders of both Brazil and Bolivia.

In today’s world, the question is not whether trees will be cut, but rather what will happen to them afterward. If the logs that have to be cut to plant food crops, raise animals, and trees cut by commercial timber companies, were not used by an entity like Forgotten Woods, they most likely would be burned, creating serious health problems and wide spread air pollution during the dry seasons, or simply would be left on the ground to eventually rot away. Our company’s purchase and use of these byproducts amounts to a major recycling program.

Forgotten Woods is committed to environmentally friendly business practices while having as little impact on the environment as possible and helping to promote sustainability.

Looking ahead to the future, the typical timber operation focuses on no more than five species and seeks only the largest and finest logs, since they yield the most high-grade timber. Forgotten Woods and MADOLVI, on the other hand, take a different approach, avoiding the exploited trees and focusing on managed removal of reclaimed woods from the other "less desirable" species that inhabit the forest.

Forgotten Woods supports MADOLVI and its efforts to educate communities about the importance of protecting the “granddaddy trees,” those fabulous old-growth specimens that make the forest special and who's "living" is responsible for the healthy regeneration of future forests.

Forgotten Woods takes an uncompromising stand when it comes to the protection and sustainability of our natural world. This complex and venerable planet produces all of the products we share with you. We adhere to principles and protocols that ensure fair treatment and compensation for the people involved with the production of our products; both domestically and overseas. These are the very same people that produce much of what we offer you and our wish is to further guarantee that they are compensated well for their services and treated with respect. We hope to promote and encourage ecological practices within businesses and communities, where more is given than is taken.

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