Friday May 25, 2018

Rewards FAQ

Customer Rewards Program

What is Rewards?

  • Rewards is a FREE Frequent Shopper Program that pays our customers back for making purchases at  When you make a purchase, we begin keeping track of the eligible purchases you make. You can redeem your earned Rewards points on any future purchases.

How can I join your program?

  • If you are registered on the website, you automatically become part of our Rewards Program.

How do you calculate Reward Points?

  • When checking out on, you will earn the number of Reward Points shown for the item purchased. These Reward Points will accumulate in your shopping account.
How can I track my Rewards Program balance?
  • After you login you will see the  'Reward Points' sidebox displaying your Rewards points. You must login to see your balance.

What's your redeem ratio?

  • Currently, it is 0.03! If you are in our Frequent Customer Group, your points will have more value!

How can I redeem my rewards?            

  • You can choose to redeem your Reward Points on the 'Payment Information' page of the checkout process or you can save them for future payment use.
If I  return an item, are the rewards subtracted?
  • When an item purchased through the Rewards Program is returned, for whatever reason, any Reward Points earned when it was purchased will be deducted from that member's account.
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