Friday May 25, 2018

Rediscovery Plan

Farmers must cut trees to clear ground for growing food crops. Using mostly hand tools, and working
without the aid of machines like tractors or chainsaws, families face the daunting task of clearing even a small patch of farm land.

The wood of the cut trees is always burned, creating serious health problems and widespread air pollution.

The parts that don't burn are left to rot on the ground adding even more "greenhouse" gases to the atmosphere.

Forgotten Woods LLC and our Peruvian partner, Maderas Olvidadas SAC (MADOLVI), make special arrangements with farmers and ranchers to buy unwanted and reclaimable wood.

Forgotten Woods is showing local farmers that even wood which has been abandoned and left on the ground for more than 10 years should not be forgotten.

We are buying this wood and providing an economic
benefit directly into the hands of local forest people.

Considered to be garbage
wood and a burden by most farmers, Forgotten Woods' purchase and use of these salvaged forest by-products amounts to a major recycling program.

Every ton of wood salvaged and not burned prevents the release of over two tons of greenhouse gases into the Earth's atmosphere!

Forgotten Woods LLC is providing seedling hardwood trees for transplanting, free of charge, to communities and families of the rural jungle and rainforest regions in the shadow of the Andes mountain range.

We adhere to principles and protocols that ensure fair compensation and treatment for the people involved with the production of our roducts; both domestically and overseas.

In the southeastern Amazon rainforest of Peru we help the country's economy by creating a paying "environmentally green" option for local people while working directly with whole communities to create and develop an efficient and affordable reforestation program, something that is
desperately needed in the heart of Peru's Amazon Basin.

A little known fact to people living outside Peru is that frequently, even the trees cut down legally will likely go to waste unless used by an entity like Forgotten Woods.

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